Where We Work

Our work began originally in Peru and Ecuador. Through a partnership with the Ministries of Health of both countries, we distributed and tracked our bracelets at six clinics. Our Peru site was an urban area, Cusco, and our Ecuador site was rural, in a jungly region called Tena in the Amazon. The mothers we worked with in both countries were often indigenous, had low levels of education, were sometimes illiterate, and were low or very low income. 

Bolstered by the very positive results of our initial study and the demand expressed by the Ministry of Health nurses and mothers, we are now actively exploring scaling up our work, including expanding to additional regions in Africa and the Middle East. We are exploring partnering with NGOs and governments to deliver our bracelet innovation in Nigeria, Kenya, and Afghanistan, among other countries. Our goal is to distribute our bracelet innovation to parents and children in countries around the world, so that all children can have a shot at a healthy life, free of vaccine-preventable diseases or death. 

Peru (urban area) - Phase I 

Ecuador (rural area) - Phase I